In this time of ‘alternative comedy’ and ‘political correctness’ gone mad, it has become more essential to hear humour that fully entertains without any offence, and that is were Norman’s success as a ‘Guest Comedian’ on the Cruise Liners has come to the fore.

He started his cruise work back in 2004 sailing on the ‘Van Gogh’and entertaining around the Baltics, the Fjords, and the ports of Spain, Portugal, and down to Gibraltar and Tangiers. After 5 years he took a break from this to concentrate on other projects and in 2012 was invited to join the star entertainers performing on the P&O shipping line, and is now established as a regular ‘Guest Comedian’ for P&O entertaining passengers from ‘Bolton to Boston’, from Queensland to Quebec, from the Canaries to Croatia and all points in between!

Below are just a few snaps of the places Norman has visited in 2013.